The Concept Show

The show has been in my mind for many years.  I have produced fashion shows and special events for many years but the most enlightening and inspiring were 2 events in Seattle. First was the 2005 Wearable Art Fashion Show.  It was a small event, but the participants had creative freedom with their presentation.  I loved this show - it was fun, whimsical, artistic, daring, dark and light.  It was exciting and it was a work of art!  The second was a gallery opening at Black Box featuring artists, crafters, music and fire dancers.  It was amazing!

Now it is time for something even more exciting.  Design, art, creative people, camaraderie, teamwork - some of my favorite things.

The Concept Show will be a visionary's taste in haute couture conceptualism with a living canvas gallery.  The show will be a gallery format with models on risers throughout the venue. Muse Studio will be creating a featurette film with behind the scenes footage as well as the final show.

Designers/Artists will be jury selected to participate based on their previous body of work; sketches and written concept description.