With over 20 years in a multimedia industry, Editor, photographer and visionary; Willow DaNaan has a unique view on the world of indie business and working artists.  An artist in varied media since the 1970's, she has held sold out shows and hosted wait lists for collectible works of art.  She hosted pop up shops and gallery events to showcase other artists and developed a passion for encouraging and promoting her creative friends. 
Not one to follow trends, she created and produced Seattle Style TV in 2007, a cable tv mini series about the underground and avant garde designers and models involved in the local fashion scene.  Her "Mock Red Carpet" Hollywood costume parties had a cult following in Seattle and best of all - life long friends were made.

Retired and relocated to Colorado, the next project had to be something exciting and inspiring.  Having created amazing trade show booths for craft fairs, vendor fairs and the Boston Seafood show,  a love for events and production sparked the next idea.  Still carrying a desire to motivate and promote indie business owners, Flaunt Event is born.

A few of my previous events:

2005 - Seattle, Washington - Art Most Vital - Arts & Crafts Vendor Event and Show Approximately 300 Attendees

2006 Seattle, Washington - Seattle Style Fashion Show and Vendor Event - approximately 650 attendees

2010 - Glam Party Vendor Fair - 140 Attendees

2011 - Glam Party, Dallas Texas - approximately 180 attendees

2018 - Palomino Private Gated Community Events - few attendees

" I am retired, somewhat reclusive and a bit eccentric. I live every day with a sense of humor and a drive to create.  Creative, motivated and caring people inspire me.   I am determined to see more people supporting their local small businesses. 

Watch for FLAUNT publication to come in 2019.  "

Willow's personal web site: willowdanaan.com and visionandmuse.com

Creative Advertising Can Be The Best Tool for A Small Business

Flaunt Event was created by Deborah Willow post retirement in 2019.  The business may be new, but the experience spans decades.  Since the 1970's I have participated in vendor events, gallery shows, craft malls and holiday markets.  Some events produced no profit, while others sold out my entire inventory. It is never predictable.

I have worked for major companies as art director, event coordinator, media design and production and produced a cable TV show about the underground fashion design and modeling industry in Seattle, WA.

After all these years, I recognize the most difficult (and sometimes most expensive) aspect of building and maintaining a small business is marketing. In utilizing the skills acquired over these years, the goal for Flaunt is to build a network of serious, reliable and honest vendors to be a part of the Flaunt events and the publication.

A lot of vendors depend solely on an event coordinator to promote their business. This works well for some, but what about the slow season? Flaunt Publication will be promoting our vendors on a year round basis. You tell us what services you offer – private parties, one on one services, or as an event vendor.

I want to get to know the Flaunt vendors and help support the small businesses.   What I'm looking for is good people - reliable, honest, friendly, professional and serious!  I'd like to build a network that other event producers can come to for the best vendors.  The ones who always maintain professionalism, never leave an event early, focus on their customers and understand how to build the best inventory.  We will have a free listing for any event company to look at and we will promote other legitimate events.

Life as an artist was a struggle. I am retired and enjoying my life in the most creative ways I can.  I want my vendors to benefit from what I have learned and for vendors to learn from each other.