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Saturday, Feb 2020

Flaunt is a new concept in vendor and work from home business networking.

We are a group of positive minded, goal oriented women.  Our mission is to help encourage, empower and support the female entrepreneurial spirit while building lasting relationships and developing a strong sense of comradierie among our group.

Events for shopping and networking

Flaunt holds special events and popups throughout the year. Our holiday event is currently in a retail space in Centennial, Colorado. We host amazing and fun Ladies Night Parties.

Private Parties and In Home Shopping Events.

We are happy to talk to you about a special event in your home.   We can refer one or multiple vendors for in home parties.  Our vendors are carefully selected and approved before they can become a part of the Flaunt family.

Need reliable and friendly vendors for your event?

While we are always open and welcoming to new vendors, it is only a select few that remain part of the Flaunt group. Positivity, professionalism, friendliness and team oriented women are those we love working with and will readily give referrals for.



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